Monday, November 30, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #10

Today was the 10th prenatal check-up. Have to come to the doctor on a weekly basis toward the last few weeks of my pregnancy. There was a nurse trainee who did my weight measurement, urine test, and blood pressure today. Baby's heartbeat was faster today. He was probably very excited, heartbeat was about 150 per minute. Of course, just like last time, the doctor needed to examine my cervix. I was extremely nervous but well prepared, no matter how painful or uncomfortable, I would be brave and let the doctor complete the examination... Doctor said the cervix was open about 1 cm and still toward the back. Even though the baby's head is down but I need to walk and let the gravity to help the baby come down more so the bones and muscles will be ready for labor later on. The doctor said it was normal for me to feel pain on my pelvic area when I walk. Although it's painful, I still need to walk, in a slow pace. 


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pregnancy Belly Picture Collage

Throughout the entire pregnancy, it is filled with amazement. Fascinated by the amazing creation of God, a new life is growing inside the mother's womb day by day. In front of this wall in our living room, with the same pose, hubby took pictures of me and recorded this amazing change during the pregnancy! 


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 39

Today is week 39 of my pregnancy, which is the the last week! Next Saturday, 12/5, is my due date! 

The week of thanksgiving has come to an end, praise the Lord for allowing me to celebrate thanksgiving with many days of feasts~ My heart is full of thanksgiving, overflowing thanksgivings~ Because truly there are so many things I'm thankful for! 

Today after getting up from my bed, I felt a lot of pain when I walk, I guess my pelvic area has too much pressure. I can barely walk... I can walk very slowly by very small steps. The website says this week the baby is as big as the watermelon, that's so true! 

Now entering into the "waiting" mode, well, we've been expecting all along... Please keep us in your prayers, pray that God will give us peace and strength, to overcome my anxiety and fear. Pray for a smooth and safe labor and delivery~


感恩節的禮拜進入尾聲,感謝主讓我過了好多天超級豐盛的感恩節~ 我心裡面充滿了好多好多感恩~ 因為真的有太多可以感恩的事情了!

不過今天起床後發現不知道是被壓迫到哪裏,走路的時候感覺好痛,只能慢慢一小步一小步的走,當然,肚子很大壓力也很大⋯ 網站上說這個禮拜baby像是西瓜那麼大,真的一點也沒錯~ 

現在進入等待模式,其實一直都在等待啦~ 請大家為我們禱告,因為我比較容易緊張害怕,求神給我們平安、力量,讓整個生產過程都很順利平安~

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 38

Another week has gone by so fast. Entering into week 38 of my pregnancy, countdown less than 2 weeks. Nervous and exciting! It's anytime now! Everyone says my belly is so huge, feels like a bowling ball! 

Something special about this week was we had a maternity photo shoot, very special experience. We will share the pictures once we get the photos! I still have morning sickness symptoms these couple two days.....

Hoping this coming week will be relaxing and I will be enjoying the thanksgiving celebration and turkey feast! Of course, enjoy the last two weeks of just the two of us!! 

很快的一個禮拜又過了,進入孕期第38週,倒數兩個禮拜。緊張緊張,刺激刺激⋯ 隨時都有可能生~ 每個人看到我都說我肚子好大啊!感覺跟一顆保齡球ㄧ樣~



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #8

Today was the 8th prenatal check-up. Because the doctor had a meeting came up, everyone's appointment was rescheduled and moved up earlier. Felt like everyone was moving in a faster pace. Same thing with weight measurement, blood pressure, and urine test. Heard the baby's strong heartbeat. Asked the doctor some questions, like what does it look like and how does it feel when water breaks?

The most special thing about this visit was that originally the doctor was going to figure out the position of the baby by touching my belly using hands. But then she couldn't really find out, so she needed an ultrasound machine to make sure. Then she pushed in an ultrasound and we were so excited because the last time we had ultrasound was back in July. we haven't seen the baby through ultrasound for about four months. Even though it was not that clear on the screen but we were still very happy. We were able to see the heart pumping! The position of the baby is head down, that is good. The doctor said it's ANYTIME! But I still want to wait till the due date in December after Thanksgiving. 



Pregnancy: Week 37

Entering into week 37, two weeks and 4 days away from my due day! This week has been very busy, continue to clean and organize our place every single day. Done with shopping and preparing the things we need.

In this season of thanksgiving, numerous things to be thankful for! Thank God for His grace, promises, loving kindness, faithfulness, gifts, provision, protection, and many more...


在這感恩的季節裡,真的有太多感恩的事情~ 感謝神的恩典、應許、慈愛、看顧、信實、賞賜、預備、保護⋯⋯還有好多好多~ 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 36

Entering into week 36 of my pregnancy! All of sudden the summer is gone and feels like the winter is here. Have been busy getting ready for the birth of our baby boy: cleaning the house, buying baby stuff, washing baby clothes, towels, and blankets, getting the room ready for my postpartum rest... It's exciting yet nerve racking at the same time.

Feet are swollen these couple weeks so I have to cut down the intake of sodium, less salty food for me and it helps. Vision is about the same, not affected by pregnancy. Harder and harder to turn during sleep. Belly is getting heavier and bigger.

Million thanks to those who have showered us with lots of blessings, gifts, and prayers!!! We are deeply loved and blessed!! I'm also very grateful for those experienced moms who are so willing to answer my questions and remind me what to prepare. 

Everything is in God's hands and in His beautiful time! 

進入孕期第36週!突然間夏天就不見了,感覺上已經是冬天了!最近為了準備baby的出生比較忙ㄧ點:整理家裡,買baby的東西,洗baby的衣服毛巾毯子,準備做月子的房間⋯ 雖然很興奮但也是很緊張。




Friday, November 6, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #7

Today was my 7th prenatal check-up. Just like every time, the routine was weight measurement, blood pressure, and urine test. Heard the baby's heartbeat, very strong. I also had the screening of Streptococcus B Culture Genital. Group B strep (GBS) is a kind of bacteria that women have in their intestinal tracts or vagina. The bacteria will pass onto the baby during labor and birth if the mother has it. The doctor used a swab to get samples from both the vagina and the rectum, then sent it to the lab for screening. Praise God, my result was negative, no bacteria. 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Baby Care Basics Class

This baby care basics class is also a 4-hour class. The instructor was great! We'd learned a lot in the class, like how to swaddle the baby, how to change baby's diaper, and we had hands-on practices! We also watched some videos on how to calm the baby and so on. This is definitely a class every new parents should take.