Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 28

I'm officially in my third trimester of my pregnancy! 12 weeks left! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #5

Our regular OB is on vacation in Hawaii so today we met with another CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) for my 5th prenatal check-up. 

I'm now 26 weeks, 4 days. The size of my belly is 26cm, which is normal, matching the week of my pregnancy. The baby's heartbeat is about 120 per minute. The nurse taught us how to do "kick counts", which is counting any fetal movements within a certain amount of time. I'm likely to feel 10 movements within an hour or at least 10 times within two-hour frame. 

I also need to do the screening for gestational diabetes (high blood sugar). I had to drink a bottle of glucola and stayed at the lab, then had my blood drawn after exactly one hour. The test came back normal so no further testing is needed.

I also had a CBC blood test (Complete Blood Count) and it turned out that I'm low on RBC (Red Blood Cells) and HCT (Hematocrit). Both components are below the standard ranges, but the doctor said it is okay, pregnant women tend to low on these two, no action needed at this time. 





Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 26

Happy September! 

Stepping into week 26 of my pregnancy and the two months of summer has come to an end. Praise the Lord for a relaxing and peaceful summer. Even though there were some days with heat wave, but very thankful for having AC that I was able to stay comfortable. Three months left, and the due day will be around the corner after the Thanksgiving turkey feast! 

Pregnancy is truly not easy. There are so many physical changes that I’ve never known before. I will share my own experience of these past few weeks on this post. 

Gosh! this sounds very poisonous. I get very gassy and it stinks so much that I can’t even stand myself…. feel sorry for the people around me, actually only hubby since i don’t really go out that much… haha The uterus expands during pregnancy, intestines are squashed. The pregnancy hormonal surge also slows down my gastrointestinal tract. This is actually a normal pregnancy symptom… yeah, i gotta explain it. Hubby is such an awesome husband, even though it smells so bad, he still comforts me by saying, it’s ok, everyone farts, and farting is not a sin…. hahahaha :D Please don’t run away from me when you see me!

This is much related to what i shared about excess gas. I eat so much food but it just stays inside my stomach for many days….. >_<

Urine Leakage
Feeling the urge to pee all the time. And when i sneeze, I involuntarily leak a few drops of urine, but the weird thing is i sneeze quite often. Of course, this is also a normal pregnancy symptom because the baby grows and uterus enlarges, putting pressure on the bladders.

Lack of Sleep
This is also related to the the increase of urge of having to pee. Usually I need to hop out of bed in the middle of the night or early morning to the bathroom, at least once or twice, but I can’t fall back to sleep right away afterwards, plus, I’m a light sleeper. I always need another nap in the morning or afternoon to catch up on sleep. 

Morning Sickness
Yes, I still vomit now. I tried not to take medication for one day this week but then I threw up from morning to evening… it was horrible so I’m back on the medication (don’t worry, it’s the medication that works with vitamins to relieve morning sickness by the doctor.)

Although there are different symptoms during pregnancy, but as long as the baby is growing healthy and I stay positive and joyful, then everything is gonna be fine! ^_^



天啊,最近一直放屁。而且是臭到我自己都快受不了⋯⋯⋯ 真是辛苦旁邊的人,其實就是老公啦~ (因為我也很少出門)。懷孕子宮擴大,壓迫到腸子,懷孕的賀爾蒙也使得胃腸消化緩慢。其實這是正常的現象⋯⋯ (趕快解釋一下)。老公真的是好好先生,明明就很臭還是會安慰我說,沒關係,每個人都會放屁,放屁不是一種罪⋯⋯⋯哈哈哈哈~ 從現在開始請不要看到我就跑掉啊⋯⋯

這跟剛剛講到放屁是息息相關的,腸子被壓迫,排便不順暢,明明就吃蠻多東西的,但可以兩三天沒大便⋯ 所以一肚子大便是真的。>_<

常常感覺很想尿尿,還有就是每次打個噴嚏尿就會漏出來⋯⋯ 很奇怪的是,我也蠻常打噴嚏的,所以常常都要換內褲⋯⋯ 當然,這也是正常現象,因為baby體積變大、骨盆腔空間受限、膀胱受到壓迫。

這又跟剛剛講到頻尿息息相關,因為一直想上廁所,半夜或是凌晨去廁所至少一次或兩次,回到床上後通常不會馬上睡著⋯⋯ 尤其我是不容易入睡的那種,所以有種睡眠不足的傾向,都要有回籠覺或是午覺來補一下。

是的,我竟然到現在還會孕吐,這個禮拜試著不吃藥ㄧ天,竟然從早吐到晚⋯ 又是大吐到要虛脫的那種,所以還是繼續吃藥 (請放心,是醫生說可以吃防孕吐的藥)