Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #8

Today was the 8th prenatal check-up. Because the doctor had a meeting came up, everyone's appointment was rescheduled and moved up earlier. Felt like everyone was moving in a faster pace. Same thing with weight measurement, blood pressure, and urine test. Heard the baby's strong heartbeat. Asked the doctor some questions, like what does it look like and how does it feel when water breaks?

The most special thing about this visit was that originally the doctor was going to figure out the position of the baby by touching my belly using hands. But then she couldn't really find out, so she needed an ultrasound machine to make sure. Then she pushed in an ultrasound and we were so excited because the last time we had ultrasound was back in July. we haven't seen the baby through ultrasound for about four months. Even though it was not that clear on the screen but we were still very happy. We were able to see the heart pumping! The position of the baby is head down, that is good. The doctor said it's ANYTIME! But I still want to wait till the due date in December after Thanksgiving.