Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 39

Today is week 39 of my pregnancy, which is the the last week! Next Saturday, 12/5, is my due date! 

The week of thanksgiving has come to an end, praise the Lord for allowing me to celebrate thanksgiving with many days of feasts~ My heart is full of thanksgiving, overflowing thanksgivings~ Because truly there are so many things I'm thankful for! 

Today after getting up from my bed, I felt a lot of pain when I walk, I guess my pelvic area has too much pressure. I can barely walk... I can walk very slowly by very small steps. The website says this week the baby is as big as the watermelon, that's so true! 

Now entering into the "waiting" mode, well, we've been expecting all along... Please keep us in your prayers, pray that God will give us peace and strength, to overcome my anxiety and fear. Pray for a smooth and safe labor and delivery~


感恩節的禮拜進入尾聲,感謝主讓我過了好多天超級豐盛的感恩節~ 我心裡面充滿了好多好多感恩~ 因為真的有太多可以感恩的事情了!

不過今天起床後發現不知道是被壓迫到哪裏,走路的時候感覺好痛,只能慢慢一小步一小步的走,當然,肚子很大壓力也很大⋯ 網站上說這個禮拜baby像是西瓜那麼大,真的一點也沒錯~ 

現在進入等待模式,其實一直都在等待啦~ 請大家為我們禱告,因為我比較容易緊張害怕,求神給我們平安、力量,讓整個生產過程都很順利平安~


Anonymous said...

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