Monday, October 5, 2015

Prenatal Check-Up #6



沒想到,我ㄧ進電梯頭又開始暈眩,我馬上靠著Will跟他說,我頭好暈~~~~ 接下來我就處於半昏迷的狀態了。我根本張開不了眼睛,Will說我身體開始發抖,但是我耳朵還聽得到聲音,聽到Will請別人堆一台輪椅來,他跟我說我後面有輪椅,我坐下來,但是還是睜不開眼睛,知道有醫護人員來幫忙,知道有機器夾在我的手指頭上量我的脈搏,知道我坐在輪椅上被推.....接著就被推到急救部門去了。


打了一個多小時的點滴,因為血管小所以要打比較久。其實已經清醒了,就問Will說,護士給我打什麼種點滴?他說:牛肉湯!哈~讓我這個大肚婆快笑死了,可以笑就是應該有體力了~ 最後打完點滴護士要量三次血壓確定正常才肯讓我離開。


This was my 6th prenatal check-up. I ate some bread and apple juice for breakfast and was up early for the 8:30am appointment. The routine includes weight check, blood pressure, and urine test. The doctor measured the baby's heartbeat, which is strong and fast, around 150 a minute. The measurement of my belly is also within the normal range. The doctor then recommended me to get flu shot and Tdap vaccine. Because the due day is December and it's the flu season, people who will be in contact with the baby are recommended to get one. So I got two shots from the nurse after the check-up and left. 

When we were about to take the elevator to go down, some nurses at the counter waved at us and asked if we want to get flu shots. We went over to ask some questions and all of a sudden I felt lightheaded. The nurse had me sit down on the chair and gave me a water bottle. I was fine and waiting for will to get his flu shot. After he was done, we left and took the elevator from second floor to the first. 

Unexpectedly, I felt lightheaded again when we walked into the elevator. I leaned on Will and told him that my head was so dizzy. Then...I was in the state of half unconsciousness. I wasn't able to open my eyes at all, Will said that my body started shaking, but I could still hear. I heard Will asking someone to get a wheelchair and then he told me that the wheelchair was behind me so I could sit. After sitting down on the wheelchair, I still couldn't open my eyes. I knew the medical came to help, the machine was clipped on my finger to get my pulse, and I knew I was pushed to somewhere. Then I was admitted to urgent care. 

Then I was able to open my eyes, cold sweats all over, the medical staff measured my blood pressure and assisted me to move to a bed. I felt so weak but was thinking that if I could open my eyes then maybe I could leave after lying down for a bit. But then my blood pressure was very low, and it was getting lower and lower. The doctor and nurse wanted me to have IV before they can release me. But my veins are so small that the nurse needed to try a least the second time to get the needle in my vein. My blood sugar level was also tested, 80 something within the normal range. So I was poked by needles five times in total today. 

Because of my small vein, it took longer to get the IV done. Actually I was completely awake and conscious. I asked Will what they gave me on the IV, and he said, "BEEF SOUP!" haha... I was laughing and that was a good sign to know that I had the energy to laugh. So I was released from the urgent care after they measured my blood pressure three times to make sure it was back to normal. 

Everything happened so fast. Praise the Lord, I'm so thankful that Will was with me and I could faint in his arms instead of on the floor. And it happened at the hospital so we got the medical help immediately.