Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 31

Officially going into my 31 week of pregnancy today, 9 weeks left before the due day. Those who have been journeying along with me through the pregnancy must feel the time has gone by really quickly, waiting and expecting with excitement!

My belly grows bigger in a faster pace this last trimester, especially these few weeks. Baby moves around a lot, it amazes me by watching the movement of my belly and knowing that there's another human being inside! Baby also responds to hubby when he talks to the baby~ I have quite good appetite recently, but once awhile I'd have acid reflux causing the burning sensation on my throat. Eating less bread or carbs definitely improves. I've gained nearly 20 pounds by now, the heaviest I've ever been! Don't know how many more pounds I will get within the next two months.

I rarely sweat before and I was afraid of cold but now my body temperature is high and I sweat all the time. This September was extremely hot. The electricity bill for last month triples.... Because I had to turn on the AC the moment when I wake up in the morning. I sweat so much during sleep and I didn't use a blanket for a long time...Had leg cramps three times during sleep, it was so painful. It's hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. I can only sleep on my side, 45 degree on the left or right. It's not as easy as before to turn. 

But praise the Lord, my heart is full of joy, no serious discomfort at all. A lot going on this month with doctor check-up and some classes, including breastfeeding, basic infant care, and maternity hospital tour.

Thank you all for your care, encouragement, and prayers!