Monday, October 19, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 33

Entering into week 33 of my pregnancy! Countdown: 7 weeks to go! Really feel like carrying a bowling ball and walking like a penguin.... 

Lack of sleep is still happening due to bathroom runs throughout the night, turning and tossing trying to find the perfect position, plus sweating and leg cramps in the middle of the night... That makes napping in the afternoon necessary. It's like a training and preparation for those sleepless nights to come! Feeding and diaper changing day and night! 

I'm actually a little anxious about giving birth... Sometime weird thoughts would just pop into my head, like when I feel a little pressure on my belly, then I would be thinking if the baby is gonna come out... Or how would I know if my water breaks while taking shower... We often have thoughts that bring fear and stress, so what's on our mind is really important. I have to keep reminding myself to pray constantly, to replace those thoughts with the Word of God and His promises!! 

邁入孕期第33週,倒數7個禮拜。真的有帶著一顆保齡球的感覺⋯ 覺得自己走路有點像企鵝的感覺⋯ 

睡眠不足是真的,半夜凌晨都要爬起來上廁所,翻來覆去找到最好的姿勢,加上每次睡覺都滿身大汗,腳偶爾睡到半夜還會抽筋,吃了香蕉也無法避免~ 所以下午一定一定要睡午覺補眠~ 現在的睡眠不足應該就是為了到時候要日日夜夜餵奶換尿布做準備吧!

對於生產其實還是有點緊張擔心⋯ 常常會有奇怪的想法出現,像是肚子有一點壓力就會想說會不會是要生了,或是在洗澡的時候會想如果水破了我怎麼會知道⋯等等,所以說我們人的心思意念真的很重要,常常會想一些有的沒的嚇自己、給自己增加壓力⋯ 所以要常常提醒自己常常禱告,用神的話語跟神的應許來代替那些會讓我害怕的想法!