Monday, October 26, 2015

Maternity Tour

We attended the maternity tour at the hospital where we will deliver the baby. The reality started to sink in, baby is coming in 5 weeks! We began our tour outside the hospital entrance learning where to drop off the package (me), where to park, and where to go once we enter the hospital. We then toured around the rooms we will be in: observation room, birthing suite, and recovery room. The facility is new and wonderful!

After the baby is born, the mother and baby will be moved to the recovery room. And on the way there, there's a painting of a mother and child on the wall. There's a small button within the painting that mom/dad can press and a lullaby will be played throughout the entire hospital to welcome the baby and spread the awesome news of a newborn! That's so neat and special!! Can't wait to press that button and welcome our little one!