Monday, August 17, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 24

I'm 24 weeks into my pregnancy, that means 16 weeks left. Time goes by really fast, feel like I haven't started anything at all on the preparation for the baby. Actually sometime I get anxious and worried... But I have started a to-do list and a to-buy list. To-do things like what to name the baby, filter the hand-me-down baby items we received, the one-month-rest after delivery, maternity tour at the hospital, the procedure and paperwork when labor comes and on and on. The most important item for me on the to-buy list is the infant car seat. It's essential, without it we can't bring the baby home! 

By looking at the check-up records, I'd lost 7 pounds the first month of my pregnancy. But now I'm about 7 pounds more than my original weight. I do feel hungry quite often and my appetite increases. The growth of my belly speeds up these couple of weeks and I can feel the baby swimming around everyday. I've been exercising more recently at our weekly OC fair visits. Walked a lot, even had a beach trip, went to the mall shopping, and attended a wedding. 

Please continue to pray for us, pray that we will stay strong physically and spiritually in Christ Jesus! Especially pray for God's anointing of joy to pour upon me everyday! Thank you for your constant care and love!





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