Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 20

Yay! I'm half way through! 20 weeks down and 20 more to go! 

This week has been exciting. Had an advanced ultrasound done on Monday and we were able to see our baby's head, arms, legs, feet, spine, heart, kidney, stomach, etc, even eyeballs. We saw the heart pumping and the baby's mouth chewing. And we found out we're expecting a baby boy! It's amazing to see how a life has developed wonderfully inside my womb. My heart melts and of course, tears of joy!! All glory to God our Creator! We will go through the ultrasound reports with the doctor in detail next week. Our baby boy weights about 9 ounces. 

Also, on Wednesday, around 5:30AM, I had my very first "quickening" while I was lying in bed feeling hungry and thinking what to eat. [i've learned that in pregnancy terms, quickening is the moment in pregnancy when the pregnant woman starts to feel or perceive fetal movements in the uterus.]

At first, I was like, did I just feel the baby move? Then the movement just kept coming... It's amazing!!! It's like someone gently poking your belly, but from the inside... Heehee. Can't wait for more of his acrobatics!


這禮拜很興奮,禮拜一去照了深層的超音波,有看到baby的頭、手腳、脊椎、心臟、腎臟、胃、等等很多部位,還有看到眼球喔~ 我們看到心臟的跳動還看到baby嘴巴像吸東西一樣動來動去。我們也知道baby是個男生!看到一個生命在肚子裡奇妙的成長真的是很不可思議,我的心都融化了,當然,充滿了喜樂的眼淚!歸榮耀給神,祂是我們全能的創造主!下個禮拜醫生會再跟我們說明超音波的報告。Baby現在體重大概9盎司。