Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stretch Marks

It's really a big change on the body when a woman gets pregnant, especially the impacts due to the surge of hormones. For me, the area around my belly button gets kind of hairy... And it itches. So I need to put on lotions everyday. As the baby grows, I can feel the skin of my belly tightens. 

I think most expecting mothers are worried about the appearance of stretch marks. According to webMD, it is "impossible" to prevent stretch marks. Of course, only those who went through the pregnancy know if it's inevitable.

Keeping my belly moisturized everyday and feeling comfortable is the most important!


我想每個孕婦都會很注意妊辰紋的出現,查了一下網站上的醫療網站,上面說妊辰紋是"不可能"預防的⋯⋯ 當然這也只有生過小孩的媽媽們才知道。每天讓肚皮保持滋潤,皮膚感到舒服最重要!