Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 16

Stepping into week 17, very excited that the baby can hear me talking and singing. Had my 3rd check up this week. Even though we didn't get to meet our baby through ultrasound, we heard the baby's strong heartbeat. Another more advanced ultrasound is scheduled in mid-July and that's when we will find out the gender!! 

My baby bump starts to show. Still on medication for morning sickness but I think my energy level has gone up a little more. Much sleep and naps are still needed. No particular craving. Favorite fruit is PEACH!! Especially eating it with plum powder. Can't handle tomato sauce like spaghetti or pizza. Haven't gained any weight so far but according to the baby app, I will have the appetite of a truck driver soon.... Haha

Praise God for every single day!! Please continue to pray for my pregnancy!!

今天邁入第17週,很興奮,因為baby可以聽得到我講話跟唱歌。這禮拜去了第三次產檢,雖然沒照超音波、沒看到baby, 但是有聽到baby強壯的心跳聲。已經在七月中約好下次深層的超音波,到時候就可以知道baby的性別了!

肚子已經有點跑出來了,還是有害喜的症狀有吃藥,但是感覺體力比較好一點了。還是需要很多休息跟睡眠。並沒有特別想吃的東西,最喜歡的水果是桃子,特別是撒上梅子粉!不能吃番茄的醬汁,像是義大利麵或是pizza. 到目前為止體重都還沒增加,但是網上說應該是時候胃口大開,會像卡車司機很會吃!